“If you want to be a naked truth, don’t hide inside the shell. Show it and break them until they bleed.”

Dear Miss Sherlyn Chopra,

I hope this letter finds you well as you are preparing to sizzle at Cannes Festival. I am a 31-year-old Transgender model under Exclusive Networks, Barcelona Spain and currently in Manila, Philippines. I just wanted to say what a huge fan I am of your bindass attitude, candid persona, and brave candour. All your photographs taken by Vishal Saxena and Vickky Idnanni captured my heart, photo shoots, interviews and Hindi films. Your time has finally come, I’m looking forward TO watching your ‘Hot As Hell’ MTV Splitsvilla season 6, the first Indian bunny to cover an iconic Playboy magazine and to your much anticipated Kamasutra 3D when it comes out.

It makes me smile that some bloggers and reporters: Hindustantimes, Bollywood Hungama, Times Of India, Lehren Tv or Bollywood Backstage had the guts to write things like the way it should be written. There are few parts that are truly below standards, but by and large when we allow people like you “Sherlyn Chopra” to become our main source of extraordinary inspiration and sumptuous entertainment we have to pay-the price of intangible things. I am all for your freedom spirit and incomparable profession, and there are indeed admirable qualities in you, but in-your-face sexual bravado all the time, isn’t something I would just take in..

I give you sexillion credits. The way you take care of your body and comfortable of your sexuality. You are smart at self publicity and are quite diligent in working towards building your image into a brand, from Tata Nano to Bugatti Veyron. You are very intelligent enough to think out of the box and come up with innovative ways to promote yourself. I am physically not sexually attracted towards you but I respect your attitude of not giving up. You embrace sensuality and sexuality in just right amount. Genetic girls and T-girls should take inspiration from you and get up their fat asses and start working out. Rather than just criticizing and whining. I truly, madly, and deeply feel that my life can be summed up by the images I glance at. It is such an important part of life that I feel that it is in the very air we breathe.Sometimes, music creates avenues for us to explore our feelings and to voice out whatever pains we may have. Thank you for capturing what I already knew in such an eloquent manner.

Whatever you do, or things that you have to do, to get a name and fame is your own business. People are scared of change, and who are we to judge others? And this modern era, you have made yourself a place in B-town industry without having a family ruling as actors for generations on your side. Like most Indian citizen and double face society..they are making excuses for the illiteracy and patriarchal nature of Indian society taboo and hypocrisy where we even now, in most parts, women are treated like perishable commodities. I hope unfortunate people find ways to educate what is happening in our world, doesn’t mean you have nude images and act semi-nude movies, make you less a woman to promote and support women rights campaign and men against rape and discrimination. People watch those explicit materials and commit crime. This is not like porn where people watch in their privacy; Kamasutra 3D should be released on big screens.

Every human born has a secret “animalistic behavior”. But God give us special brain to think what is acceptable and proper.Anyone is born with a ‘rapist mind’; they will rape anytime they get a chance.Movies are just an excuse most likely italicized sex position. Rape cases happened in the past, in early primitive and civilized culture. Unpalatable taste and below the belt are perfect example of yellow journalism. We take criticism from both sides. I am a struggling model too, I know every pain you have to go through, we always get misunderstood. High paid Cricketers and SRK taking off shirts, showing six pack abs is fine but when a female model/actress wants to cash in her perfect body…they start preaching like a lost confused Monk. But I leave on a positive note, “If you want to be a naked truth, don’t hide inside the shell. Show it and break them until they bleed. The only creature who gets offended and belittled hearing criticism from both sides is obviously a brainless doll.”Cracked eggs or rotten tomatoes, in the end of the day, you are everyone’s Queen of Erotica and the new Sex Revolutionary.

I hope you enjoyed receiving this letter as much as I’ve enjoyed seeing you climb to the central path and more of Bollywood projects. I have enclosed undying support, stamped a genuine follower, should you choose to respond. I hope you do.

From your biggest fan, Sophia Abella

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